Rogz Classic Collar Padded Pink XXLarge



Rogz Padded Collar with breathable diamond mesh - distributes pressure evenly to ensure comfort. Double reflective stitching enhances night and day-time visibility. Rogz Padded Collar Features Non-Shift Pad The Non-Shift Pad distributes an even pull load, ensuring safe pressure against your dog’s neck. Breathable diamond mesh ensures there is no chaffing while the even pull load eases pressure against your dog’s neck. The width and thickness of the diamond mesh absorbs pressure reducing the pull load on your dog’s neck. Quick Dry The padded mesh is made with a flexible, lightweight odour-resistant foam that allows air to pass through making it breathable and quick to dry Double Reflective Stitching Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing and non-shift pad for night-time visibility RogLoc The buckle of the Classic Collar Padded has a RogLoc which slides over to lock the buckle closed and prevent it from being accidentally opened. Rogz caters for all shapes and sizes. Use our size & weight guide to ensure you purchase the right size Classic Collar (Padded) for your dog - ensuring you and your dog’s safety. Large - Neck circumference 30-42cm weight 21-40kg XLarge - Neck circumference 37-54cm weight 39-64kg XXLarge - Neck circumference 48-70cm weight 63-70kg