Joseph Sporn, President of Sporn, founded the Company in 1999. It blossomed out of his invention of the Sporn Training Halter. 

His design of the Sporn Halter has helped millions of dog owners gain humane control over the most rambunctious leash pullers. Sporn prides itself on providing fresh and original products that have nothing but the best interests in mind for you and your pet.

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The world's coolest pet gear and most enjoyed pet brand on planet earth and beyond! Offering the largest range of tethering, podz, bowls, toys and accessories.

Combining fun and innovation, all Rogz products are made with high-quality materials to standards that are out of this world. Whether you're seeking a toy with hunting style exuberance, a stylish reversible bed, or a safety light for evening walks, Rogz has it covered!

Tasty Bone is the UK's number one Manufacturer of Nylon, Rubber and Edible chew play toys. Dogs just can't get enough of the chewy, tasty goodness.The range includes Nylon, Gourmet, Flexi, Rubber, Dental and Trio Bones. Tasty Bone aims to lead the way into the next generation of pet products by creating new and innovative premium products that are truly flavoursome, promote good oral hygiene and are most of all fun!

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Tropiclean was founded in 1992 by the Kassebaum family. The brand has a history marked with innovation and excellence. From the beginning, the family has been passionate about creating natural, healthy products for the enrichment of pet owners and their animals. The Fresh Breath range includes all natural ingredients and is the best solution for oral hygiene in cats and dogs. No brushing is required to get your pet's teeth sparkling and their breath minty fresh.

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KONG is the world’s most recognisable pet brand. Their licensed products division produce KONG-quality pet accessories to complement their array of toys.In Australia their Licenced Products can be found in the travel and waste management categories, with the H2O water bottle, HandiPOD waste management tools and KONG Sport (life jackets) appearing in pet stores.

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My Family Pet Tags

The inventors behind My Family came from twenty years of experience in the gold jewellery sector. In 2010, the idea to combine the beauty of jewellery and love for furry friends, lead to the introduction of My Family - the most complete range of ID tags for pets. My Family operates in Valenza, the city that has always expressed the real art of jewel-making better than any other in Italy. My Family prides itself on quality, precision and a taste for all beautiful things.

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The Pet Brands Company KaNoodle Dog Dental Chew

KaNoodles® Dental Chews provide a unique approach to oral health and dental care. Our flexible chews combine an innovative shape with healthy nutrition that supports your dog’s overall well-being. With zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber, the chews support both oral and digestive health.

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The Pet Brands Company Lickables 1 Natural Dog Treats

The Lickables™ 1 Bites are straightforward - 1 simplified ingredient from 1 protein source that is 100% natural.

Available in four mouthwatering varieties (Roo, Beef, Lamb, & Ocean) that offers pets a choice and ensures that there is a snack in the range to suit any dog’s palate.

Lickables™ 1 Bites have the added benefit of coming to you in re-sealable packaging, which provides the convenience of being easy to store, while keeping the snacks fresh.

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