Kong HandiPOD Mini Clean Refill (hand sanitiser)

Kong HandiPOD Mini Clean Refill (hand sanitiser)


Jetset Pets

KONG HandiPOD & KONG Mini HandiPOD
The long-awaited KONG HandiPODS has arrived in town! The ultimate all-in-one tool for pet owners. Interchangeable models available at your personal preference. A new way to bring out the pick-up bags in style. HandiPOD comes with refillable pick-up bag and hand sanitizer gel.

  • Biodegradable Dog waste Pick-up Bag dispenser
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • 100 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Refillable Dog Waste Pick-up Bag & Hand Sanitizer Gel

Try our KONG HandiPOD with our Interchangeable Starter Kit that has a 3 in 1 function. You could also get our KONG HandiPOD in just the pick-up bag dispenser with LED flashlight or with Hand sanitizer gel.

 There are many good reasons for a good flashlight when walking your dog. Finding your way, finding your dog and personal safety are just a few to name. Using our 100 lumens LED flashlight, it brightens up the pathway and makes it safer! The hand sanitizer comes in handy in the event of accidents with the pick-up bag!

Refilling the dog waste pick-up bags and hand sanitizers are as easy as 1 2 3! KONG HandiPOD provides refill pack of hand sanitizer gel with pick-up bags or just 4 rolls of pick-up bag in a pack.

In need of a smaller version of KONG HandiPOD with the similar functionality? Try our KONG Mini HandiPOD now!