TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution for Puppies



TROPICLEAN FRESH BREATH DENTAL HEALTH SOLUTION FOR PUPPIES Want to avoid unnecessary vet bills and visits from the tooth-furry? With TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution For Puppies, your puppy can benefit from daily plaque and tartar defence, simply by drinking from their water bowl. Easy to use for both you and your pet—no brushing required! Fights Plaque & Tartar– Provides defence against plaque & tartar and noticeably fresher breath in 14 days or less with daily use as directed. Results may vary Boosts Immune System- Contains Zinc Citrate that helps to protect the immune system Tasteless & Odorless– It's completely tasteless and odourless, and helps freshen breath when added to your dog's water with each refill No Brushing Required– Clean teeth and fresh breath without the pawful tantrums NASC Approved- All of TropiClean's Fresh Breath products have the National Animal Supplement seal of approval Natural Ingredients- Made using a unique blend of powerful, naturally derived ingredients. Safe for routine use when used as directed for dogs and cats 12 weeks and older Made in the USA- Proudly made in the USA with only the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients Directions: Add half a capful of the Dental Health Solution to 235ml of your dog's water. Ingredients Zinc Citrate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Water