Fresh Breeze Crate & Kennel 946ml

Fresh Breeze Crate & Kennel 946ml



Makes clean up a breeze!

FRESH BREEZE EXTREME CRATE & KENNEL to cut through dirt and grime

Fresh Breeze Crate & Kennel cleaner uses specially selected microorganisms found in nature to neutralize unpleasant odors and clean the effected area of oily stain buildup. Contains inhibitors to control odors that re-activate after the initial application to combat and prevent odors with exclusive HabitBreaker formula.

Plastic, Wire, Wood.


Purified Water, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Plant-Based Cleaning Agent (Non-Ionic Surfactant), Plant-based Ethanol, Proprietary HabitBreaker™ Odor Neutralizer. Contains No Phosphorus, Contains No Bleach.