Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover 500ml Non Frag

Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover 500ml Non Frag




Odarid is designed to completely neutralise Cat, Dog & Human urine components in 30 seconds without damaging carpet or furnishings. Simply douse the affected area and walk away. Odarid will foam on contact with old urine if you haven't used any other product on the area first. The foaming is the reaction to bacteria formed on the urine. This makes it real handy for finding the offending area. If it doesn't foam don't panic as it still works.
The product is an excellent cleaner also and is gentle to use. No dilution required.
If the urine has gone through to the underlay you will need to lift the carpet or pour the Odarid on heavily enough so it can get through the carpet.

Odarid can be used on carpet, mattresses, concrete inside and outside, wooden floors, grout, bedding, curtains, walls, around toilets, patios, artificial grass, furniture, clothing, hedges/garden, wood and even your favourite golf shoes!

Odarid is NZ formulated and made
Odarid is environmentally safe, non toxic and easy to use
Odarid works in just 30 seconds to destroy cat and dog urine odour no matter how old
Odarid is used neat and designed to penetrate deep into carpet layers and totally destroy cat and dog pee instantly and permanently
Odarid has a money back warranty
Odarid is 100% biodegradeable
Odarid can be used as neat as spot stain treatment for blood, faeces, vomit stains and most organic odours and stains
Odarid can be used on all surfaces *Spot test first