Odarid Dog Run Cleaner Concentrate 5 Lit

Odarid Dog Run Cleaner Concentrate 5 Lit



Our NZ made, biodegradable, commercial disinfectant is used widely by professionally run animal care facilities for cleaning and disinfecting against viruses and bacteria.  The formulation is backed by one of the worlds largest sanitising companies, and at a third of the price of overseas products?     Here are more reasons why you should buy Odarid Dog Run Cleaner and Sanitiser for your facility or kennel.

 1.  Our Dog Run Cleaner is formulated by LONZA in Switzerland, manufactured using LONZA ingredients imported to NZ,  EPA registered which means the LONZA formulation has been tested against animal viruses and bacteria, is  biodegradable  (See datasheet below) The product contains four very complex disinfectants designed to destroy animal viruses safely and effectively, and biodegradeable low foaming LONZA detergents for efficient cleaning. It has proved itself over 5 years in New Zealand successfuly by top kennels, Daycare centres, govt dog pounds and kennels and numerous dog kennels nationwide

2. Our Dog Run Cleaner is odourless and specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses as well as odours from faeces, urine and general dog smell with out the need for perfumes or fragrances being added in.

3. Odarid Dog Run has no fumes, will not burn your skin and contains no bleach meaning it won't stain your clothes or make your eyes burn

4. Odarid dog run is safe and contains no nasty ingredients that are going to hurt or upset the animals giving you total peace of mind that you can use it with complete confidence

5. Odarid Dog Run Cleaner is extremely economical and saves you money

6. Odarid Dog Run Cleaner  is low foaming, exceptionally efficient at cleaning and leaves no slippery residues

Our powerful 3 in 1 Cleaner, Disinfectant and Odour killer is very effective and very popular. Used by professional organisations NZ wide. The product contains LONZA EPA registered anti-microbial active ingredients that are rigorously tested on bacteria and viruses.